Reference- Saudi Arabia Manfouha WWTP

2015 Riyahd’s biggest waste water treatment plant, capacity 700000 m3/d

Problem: Severe H2S content and multiple corrosion problems

  • High H2S (>400 ppm) content and corrosion problem
  • Flow of raw sludge 4000 m3/d (2/3 digested and 1/3 thickened)

Solution: Peroxide system

  • The chemical was dosed to raw sludge collection tank (V=500m3)
  • H2S online measurements after the sludge centrifuges from reject water


  • Instant reduction on H2S content on collect tank and after the centrifuges
  • 24h after the chemical dosage start the target limit (max 10ppm H2S) was reached
  • The sulfide content on raw sludge reduced 24 à 8 mg/l

Riadh Manfouha Saudi Arabia